Owning a Spa or as others in the market call it a Hot Tub is more than a simple luxury item for your home.

Spas have been proven to help Reduce Stress, Ease Muscle Pain, and Improve Circulation. There have been a few studies that shows 7 out of 10 Americans suffer from anxiety and other stress related disorders. It was proven that soaking in your own hot tub for a minimal of 30 min a day will greatly relieve your stress.

Patients who use a spa for therapy and exercise have reported reduced stress, reduced pain and stiffness, and an overall increased sense of well-being.

Owning your own personal Spa ensures that your body is at rest and ready for the days ahead. 

At Home Recreation, has researched all the top manufacturers in the industry to find a proven, durable line of spas in the market. We are proud to bring you and to stand behind the line we have chosen. 

Stop in any of our four New Jersey stores today and see the units we carry first hand for yourself. We carry a full line of Dynasty Spas and Viking Spas. Each line has been proven to be reliable for endless years of relaxation.

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